Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning: Dramatic, weird and pissed off mood

Birthday came and went. Wait a second. Drama Queen never announces her birthday this way! That pretty much sums up how I feel post my birthday this year. It was probably my first ever birthday where some of my best friends(at least whom I thought were my best friends) didn't even bother wishing me - not even on facebook. What was so pissing off was the fact that all of them chose to do it on a single birthday - I completely understand u get busy, u fall sick, u have babies and u forget, but to realize that each and every one of them do it at the same day is a little hard to digest.I had a couple of people who always wish me on the 22nd and didn't this time but at least called back in a day to apologize profusely and to wish me.  I have never missed wishing my close friends on their birthdays - every single time. Heck, I even take the effort sometimes to wish some real "not-too-friendly" types on facebook coz u know what, its after all their birthday. It takes two seconds to type it on my phone and wish them. Birthdays are meant to happy, joyful and fun. Thats it. I tell you, I had some real unexpected people wishing me and that made me so happy. I had new people this year who wished me and I was really excited. But its scary to think that the very people whom you were close to forget to wish.  I mean I thought I was close to them. Maybe not. I dunno. And its scaring me to no extent. I don't want to lose them in my life.It made me sad and so depressed. I ranted and ranted and poor K had to bear the brunt of it. I have some real close friends whose friendship I value lots and I want to cherish it for life. Its funny coz some people u take for granted. I was like "yea so they'll definitely call" - and I waited and waited and waited. But they never called. To all those who took the effort to call, a big shout out to u guys. Despite being far far away.. Mumbai, Bangalore, the US of A....thanks u guys, it meant a lot to me. To those who didn't, dont u worry, I'll still be around to wish you guys when your days come around. After all thats what friends are for u sillies.
Special thanks to K - fancy dinner, DKNY watch, lovely lovely roses.. what more can a girl ask for? Thanks a ton:)