Monday, May 16, 2011

Bringing out the wedding planner in me :)

Maybe its coz I'm havin so much planning my own wedding, maybe its coz I'm currently obssessed with the Ainvayi Ainvayi song and maybe because I enjoyed watching Band Baaja Baraat but I wanna become a wedding planner. I've been spending a lot of time doing stuff for the wedding especially coz mom/dad are so busy with work they have no time to spare. I already have my first customer - I've promised my bestie "M" I'm gonna do each and every minute thing for her wedding. True to her crazy self, she says "find me a boy first".. Err let me make it clear, I'm here to plan weddings not matchmaking!!!!
I think I'll be pretty darned good.Not trying to boast but I enjoy it - the planning, the wedding cards, the engagement ceremony, the ring picking, the colors, the decorations, the themes, the entertaining guests bit, the return gifts... oooh.. I definitely wanna do this and I am confident I'll do really well coz I'm sure it'll be lots of hard work but real fun too! So guys, am I crazy? Do u think I'll do well? Watcha say? :-)