Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And that's 1 year up!

Dear Karthik,
Today as we complete one full year of being together, I only think its appropriate I dedicate a special post to you :-) The year has flown past us and I've learnt a lot in this short span. We've had some wonderful times together and also some "not so great" moments... Through this post, I do want to let you know how much I appreciate the things you've done for me. I know you work very hard to provide for me, for us and to ensure we are in a comfortable situation. I love the cozy home we have along with every gadget possible to make things easy for me especially in the kitchen. I love that you don't think twice when I say I am lazy to cook(I know I've done this a lot especially last year when we'd just gotten married) and would immediately get takeaway food. I love how you say "Lets get away somewhere every month". Now this is not a luxury that everyone can afford and I'm truly lucky! :-) And you do mean it... I have totally enjoyed all the trips we've done this one year - Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi etc
Eagerly waiting for that long vacation coming up in October! :P
What really amazes me is that when I expect you to be angry with me, you just don't even get the least bit annoyed. Still remember the night when I had gone out with my girlfriends and came back late in a "not to nice state".. you ensured I was ok, you tucked me into bed so tenderly, searched the road and the entire building for my phone at 2am, was up early the next morning washing clothes and basically doing all the chores that I normally do, just because you knew I was too tired to do anything. And till date, you haven't mentioned a word of it and it goes on to show that you are extremely broadminded and liberal. I couldn't have imagined living with a man that wouldn't give me my sense of space and freedom. I thanked my stars for not letting me get married to someone that was narrow minded and even more thankful that I chose the right person :-) Thanks for having been there, it truly meant a lot to me!
I love how you are slowly but steadily building a nice rapport with my family and friends. For a person like you, who hates to socialize, I know it is a bloody big deal to handle TMK(!!) and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you smiling, talking, wishing them on birthdays/anniversaries etc. I really hope to be able to do the same, or at least 50% of it, with your folks and friends, someday.
I also love other smaller things that you've done for me - like how you are so patient in certain ways. For instance, when I have trouble getting my gold earrings in, I love how you come and sit next to me and patiently help me, all the while ensuring that I don't get hurt. Fussing over me when I cough/sneeze just once. And then of course constantly follow up with me to ensure I've taken my medicines :P
All the romantic things we've done - Night drives, ice cream, eating at shady joints after a fight, watching movies cuddled up in our bean bags, off roads, sunrise photo sessions, watching cricket with me even though you hate it so much.. gawd..I could just go on.. all these mean so much to me..
You push me to give my best. While I've not been able to deal with this completely, I know that if I take things in the right stride, I will be a better person. It has stressed me out a lot in the past, which has led to a lot of fights/arguments between us. I do realize that it is part of your personality and you expect the best out of everyone especially me. I am trying hard to change myself and become more responsible. However, today as I look back, I can only think of all the fun times we've had. These small areas of concern don't seem like such a big deal anymore! ;-)
You've put up with a lot of my nonsense this one year. Hope it hasn't tired you out completely, coz honey we have a lifetime ahead of us and you better be ready to do this on and on and on... especially my cooking which I know is a work in progress.. :-( I really hope to get there someday! lol
Thanks for being there for me & with me this last year... Cannot tell you how excited I am about taking off to Kodai this week...You're the "awesomest" thing that's happened to me... And I'll treasure you for life!
Happy 1st Anniversary, Karthik.