Friday, May 25, 2012


One thing I've noticed about myself off late( and my best friend confirmed it this morning) is that I'm losing my temper too easily. U see I'm a very patient person. It takes a a LOT.. for me to lose my cool. And when I do, God save the other person. I usually save it for once in a year kind of situation.. yes I'm weird that way. Now, post marriage, I'm ready to snap and swear at just about any time. Hmmm. Wonder if there is a connection there?
You see my husband is a perfectionist(or at least he would like to think so) and I'm anything but that. Our friction arises here. Initially, it used to make me wonder if I was the one with the problem. Later I would accuse him of being silly and abnormal(not proud of it at all). But now, as we complete one year of marriage, I realize that it is more of a personality issue. He is not wrong. But then neither am I. We just need to understand and work it out between us. So the last few months I have tried to do things that would make him happy(ier). It could be small things --at least in his eyes, but for me it took a lot of effort. And when he would still crib about things not happening or not being in place, that is where my stress levels would rise. And I would snap back! 
I sit here wondering how things can be different. Coz I would really do anything to make him a happy person. Like anything. Yoga is something I'm seriously contemplating. I know. Again, I'm more of a gym/aerobics/dance class kinda person. But then I've heard Yoga helps you relax and I think that is what I need to do at this moment. Will be back later, hopefully in a better frame of mind. Peace.
I'm leaving you with a couple of songs that makes me feel very ummm..mushy? Dunno. Or maybe peaceful. Oh in general gives me a nice high. Enjoy listening.. Later!