Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 1st birthday as a married woman :-)

22nd April 2012 - 5:45 am - @ home

I wake up hearing music in our room. I know for a fact its not my ringtone but it wasn't K's either.. But it kept ringing so I got up thinking maybe he changed it. I walk to his side, check his phone and its blank. I quickly walk back to check if it is my phone and nope, wrong again. By now its gotten pretty loud and our man is still blissfully asleep. I was like.. "WTH"! By now, I'm convinced there is someone in our room and its pitch dark. I am slightly freaking out.. what if there is a robber or someone who broke into our house? And then I see light on our mirror.. like flashes of red... and its coming from underneath our bed. Oh oh! I quickly peep and guess what I find....

Isn't it the cutest thing on planet earth? Hahaha. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. but yup as you can see, my birthday started with a loud bang.. literally!! And I saw a little note next to it which read...

Now I'm like a treasure hunt... Err.. Its too early to start running around.. so let me rest for a bit and then begin. By which time, our man has woken up and wondering "why the hell isn't she running around to find her gifts".. which led him to start being grumpy.. and then I get up and start looking.. and kept lookin and kept lookin.. Gosh.. I got so many gifts.. but the treasure hunt.. Grrr.. He made me run all around the house!!! And to the car downstairs around 3 times...
Some of the clues were super tough.. but of course there were some classic moments.. Sample this.. 
"Look in the coolest place of the house". The first thing that comes to my mind is the AC! I jump up and down, looking near both Ac's in the house, at the stabilizer and all sorts of places near it.. Nothing.. And then it hit me.. It's the freezer.. DUH!! Rotfl. Ok ok, blond moment I know. But I was smart enough to unravel the clues and get to all my lovely gifts.. the alarm was one of course, then I got earrings, perfumes,
a fridge magnet that says "I love cricket", a baggage tag that says "The Lost Girl", the cutest ANGRY PIG(see below and you'll agree!), a gift voucher from Oryza(Yipee!) and many more such lovely gifts.. thanks a ton, K! :-) 
Then we headed to lunch with the parents and in laws.. was nice.. I had to definitely visit the grandparents as well and ended up spending some much needed quality time with them. I stayed until around 6ish, met the uncles/aunts etc  
I am quite exhausted by now and I enter the house and guess what.... SURPRISE!!! 
It was super cute... Sne, Ashwin, Sanju, Mosh and K had gathered around, decorated the house with balloons, got a yummy chocolate cake, and generally made is so much more special! thanks a ton guys.. u are the best!! :-) 
Of course, I treated them to some nice Chef Express pizza and garlic bread and we danced around, laughed a lot and generally chatted.. was super fun! 
To all my friends who called and wished and made it much more special.. THANK YOU. MERCI BEAUCOUP!! What a lovely way to turn..err.. a year older :P 
Here's my latest buddy - Isn't he absolutely adorable! Sigh.