Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To the bestest paal paysam maker ever! RIP Thathi =(

My dearest Thathi,

I've opened this page a 100 times and I'm unable to write anything sensible. Too many emotions running through me. All I want to say is that you've left behind such a big void, its going to be very very difficult for someone to fill in your shoes. I'm so relieved you had such a peaceful end.. no hospital visits, no doctors.. nothing. A person like you deserved an end like that. You made so many people happy.. you were so generous with money, you fed a zillion hungry people(including me!) and you were so full of life. No wonder then so many people mourned along with the rest of us. It was very painful to watch Thatha crying the day you left us. He was, like the rest of us, in a state of extreme shock. He doubts he will ever be able to cope with your loss. And I agree. Because you spent all your life looking after him and feeding him all his favorite delicacies. Apart from running the house, taking care of your 4 precious daughters, and of course being a loving grandmother to all of us brats! We have the bestest of memories at Achala Vihar!! Growing up with you & Thatha was so amazing. You gave us so much freedom. I remember we hated leaving you guys and going home with our respective parents. I am happy that we recently celebrated your 76th birthday with a grand dinner with all your favorite people around. Just how you like it!

I'll remember that smiling face of yours forever. But visits to the Nest won't ever be the same again. We miss you tons. That's an understatement. Wherever you are, I hope you are in safe hands. And yes I more than hope you keep that smile alive :-) Thanks Thathi. For your unending help and support through the years. Rest in peace. Love, Aishu

PS I really tried writing more. Too many clouded thoughts. Sorry.