Monday, July 22, 2013

Masterchef! NOT!

My kitchen woes continue. A few laughs to start off your Monday morning :)
December, 2012 
My husband loves his South Indian breakfast. I once took a huge risk and sent Idly for lunch. I ensured I never ever made that mistake again :(

Me : Hi sweety, how was lunch? Was it ok?
K: Please send this to the protesters at Delhi. Will be useful. (In case you didn't get it.. he meant my idlies were hard as rocks!)

June 2013 
I was stepping out with friends and decided to make Corn Pulao for my husband's dinner which is one of his favorite dishes. He sent me a text message around 9:30 pm. This is what it really said :
"Horribly insipid dinner. Had to add chaat masala. Give me this food when I'm on my death bed. Will die faster from the lack of  any taste. Nice dining this Sunday. "

Last night
K: Aishu, I know we are finishing left overs for dinner tonight. But please don't expect me to eat that Kathrikai subzi. I hate that thing. Like how the Jews hate the Nazis!

Me:  Speechless

Time for some damage contLol! Not much has changed in this household. Sigh. #damagecontrol #Epicfail