Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Big "24"!

SIGH!! I cannot believe that its almost here... tomorrow at this time, I would have turned 24!! WOW! I came here when I was 21 and to think that this is the third year in a row that I have spent here.... As usual, I am expecting my entire family to call me...Here's some stuff that happens each year..
Appa/Amma will call me tonight.. Appa will also follow up with an email in the likes of.. "Aishu, Sorry we are not there with you but our thoughts/wishes/blessings are with you only.. ".. Awww.. that will touch my heart! Wait, thats not the worst... . Then my grand parents will call me and say things like "Aishu, not a single day passes by when we dont think of you/wish you were here with us... "... AWWWWW!!

Just shows that even when am not with my family, they have this knack of making me feel super duper special and pamper me in the most "awesomest" way! :-)

Wonder what this year has in store for me... Being 24 is nothing special.. like turning 13/21/25..
Here's hoping that the year ahead has a lot of good surprises in store for me.... here's my wish list for now... (to be updated frequently)..

1. Get a cool JOB - meaning, get a job that pays!! ha ha... I have a lot of plans once I get a job.. and I hope this month is nice to me...
2. Go home for Christmas break... I feel like I haven't been home in forever.. actually its gonna be two years soon!! :-( I hope to visit this year end and see Appa/Amma/Thata/Thati/Amma/Thata, all my Chitappas/Chittis/cousins/Anju/Chachu/Devi/ my lo-www-iingg friends and so many others who can mean sooo much to me...
3. Volunteering with some orgn locally.. I keep hearing my friend talk about her experience working with an orgn that houses adolescent boys and how their life is sooooo hellish sometimes.. I'd love to actually be a part of it and witness it myself and see how I handle situations like that.. hmmm.. lets see if it happens..
4. TRAVEL!! YES!! Apart from going home, I'd like to visit some place nice within the US.. I really really wanna visit LA.. heard a lot about it and would love to go there sometime this year...
5. SHOP till I drop! Yes.. these months have been sooo hard with me not being able to buy anything that I crave for... this is my first birthday where I haven't bought an outfit for myself.. pretty S-A-D!

Tonight, Keith and Becky are taking me out to dinner... Not sure where we are going but I am pretty kicked about it.. Planning to wear a knee length green/black skirt with a light green top, some pretty earrings and some light make up.. Dressing up basically!!

Soooo anyway, here's to turning 24... Dressing up, Cake, Candies, Flowers, Gifts, nonstop phone calls starting at 12 AM, food, drinks n Feelin SPECIAL!! :-)