Monday, April 6, 2009


We are into the month of April now - suppossedly Spring time in the US. Tonight, the weather was miserable. :( I mean it was freezing temperature, with sleet and snow showers!! How wicked!

As I stepped outside to take the dogs for their nightly "pee-time", a chillingly cold gust of wind hit my face! I couldn't breathe for that one second!! It was as cold as winter gets!

I quickly take the dogs back into the house... Ahhh... that first second of "warmth" that you get from the heater feels sooo heavenly... That one second outside in the cold, made me a little pensive.. I thought of people who are out there without a roof under their heads..without warm clothes or even socks on... YES! There are tons of homeless people in the US.. ! How horrible to be out there stranded in the streets without any warmth? Grrr.... I shudder to even think about it!!

I am thankful... extremely thankful to GOD who is out there protecting me... I mean, not having a job seems like such a small, teeny weeny problem compared to not having basic necessities.. :(
I have wonderful people surrounding my life.. my awesome family who keep me going, my wonderful friends, without whom I'd be dead by now and just random people who have come into my life and made such a difference!

Imagine.. this family I live with, know me for about two years and they have been so kind to let me live here.. God bless the Haseltines!

Thanks God for being there and for looking out for me... I do feel blessed tonight!! :)