Thursday, April 2, 2009


This was a funny incident that happened not so long ago.. It was a regular evening and I was cooking dinner at the Haseltine house.. Olive and Gunner were being their usual cute selves(they are the Haseltine dogs, btw!) The son-in-law had come and we were all chatting him up when he suddenly noticed Olive shivering underneath the table... I mean she was SHAKING in fright!! Becky and I freaked out! More so, because she had been sick the previous week and we had to take to the vet and he had given her medications.. And here she was shivering profusely..

We bent down to her and tried to hold her.. her body was vibrating wildly and we did not know what to do!! I panicked.. Suddenly, the son in law smiled...

"Oh, its the pressure cooker that is scaring the crap outta her"....!!! :)
Indeed it was!! She kept looking at it so fearfully and gave me these scared looks that told me.. " Oh watch out, its a monster that's coming to get me"!!

PRICELESS! I bent down to her and put her away in another room while I turned off the heat in the cooker and put it away before I brought her out...
Poor lil Olive.. thought I should write this down! Funny incident, indeed!!