Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yet another rant!

I've ranted enough and more about the terrible attitude of most drivers. They completely lack discipline. I'd ranted  here and am proud to say I am keeping up with the resolution. I'd also ranted here. However, nothing has changed as far as the others are concerned. Idiots will always be idiots. Last night on his way back from work, K picked me up and we were on our way back home. We were the first ones at the signal on the extreme right. This particular signal does not allow a right turn nor does it allow motorists to make a U -turn. The only option is to head straight or turn left. Simple enough no? Of course not. Mr. Impatient, a random biker stops right behind us at the signal and kept honking incessantly for 2 minutes. And then stopped on realizing that K wasn't going to move an inch. And then he keeps accelerating. Again K didn't budge. Finally, the idiot comes and rams our car(very slightly, but most definitely hit us). That did it. My husband unbuckled his seat belt all ready to go slam the idiot. Now is a good idea to briefly describe my hubs "the driver". He is impatient but not on the road. He is a very conscientious driver. Follows rules to the T. That being said, he hammers those who fail to. Like really gives them more than a mouthful. Naturally he was beyond pissed with this man. But I stopped K from getting out of the car for 2 reasons :
a) I was sure nothing had happened to the car. It was a very minor hit.
b) I turned around to see the guy and he was mouthing something which seemed like "very sorry". (I swear it seemed that way!). So I convinced K from not reacting. By this time, the signal turned green and we head straight. Mr Impatient vrooms past us and makes a u turn past the signal, down the road(where it is legally allowed) and starts swearing at K! By the time K got the windows down to blast him, he was gone. In a flash. Can you imagine what followed? Sigh. I got the blasting of my lifetime for not letting K deal with him in his usual style. I was also fuming. I'm such an idiot. I wished that moron had gotten a taste of K's language last night. He more than deserved it. In fact I was so furious that I pretty much wished he'd go die somewhere! Argh. Idiots. The world will definitely be a better place without these idiots with loads of bad attitude. Sorry K!